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CEO:  Lucy Kaminski
CTO:  Joseph Kaminski
Internationally recognized in 2006 as "Top 3 In The
World Solidworks Guru", with multiple patents and high
tech recognitions, vast knowledge/experience in R&D
and Product Development
Award winning marketing and presentations for
leading HighTech and Government subcontractors in
the Silicon Valley, San Francisco Bay Area
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Request profile via email
Technology and Design Team:

Our associate technology and design team at Technology4Living are among the best
technologists and leader in various product development industries in the Silicon Valley
Area.  Our professional teams are experts in the disciplines of Industrial Engineering,
Human-Centric Machine Control Interface, Ergonomics Design, Micro and Nano Electro-
Mechanical Design, Micro and Nano Computing Design, and Embedded Chip Design,
Intuitive Error Free Decision Making
Software Programming, Test and Verification of production ready and fully functioning

Our Company Principles:

•  To be the best in class in the art of design, engineering and product development,
employing the latest in technology achievements
•  To be integrated with our client seamlessly
•  To blend with your companies culture for friction free operation
•  To provide solid business commitment, integrity, superior quality and personal dedication